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25 Reasons for Massage

25 Reasons People Get Massage Therapy

Many people are getting therapeutic massage therapy to experience a variety of health and wellness benefits. (no particular order)

  1. Alleviate postoperative painReasons for Massage Therapy
  2. Stress Management
  3. Chronic neck pain
  4. Fibromyalgia pain
  5. Better sleep quality
  6. Dementia mitigation
  7. Rest and Relaxation
  8. Improve Quality of life
  9. Range of motion
  10. Improve balance
  11. Sports or exercise performance
  12. Increase your cardiovascular health
  13. Lessen anxiety
  14. Lower blood pressure
  15. Osteoarthritis pain can be reduced
  16. Nausea caused by chemotherapy
  17. Lower the frequency of migraines
  18. Rheumatoid arthritis pain
  19. Reduce the severity of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms
  20. Reduced joint replacement discomfort
  21. Reducing stress in cancer patients
  22. General relaxation of muscles
  23. Depression symptoms
  24. Headaches caused by tension
  25. Lower backaches and pains

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Welcome Jonathan Rose, RMT!


We are welcoming Jonathan Rose, RMT, to our team of practitioners this new year 2022! He specializes in Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Wellness Care, General Swedish Massage, Joint Mobilizations, and Trigger Point Therapy and is looking forward to helping clients achieve the best version of themselves.

Jonathan Massage Therapist

To learn more about Jonathan or to schedule, please visit: https://naturologycentre.com/jonathan/.

Welcome Nathan (Nate) Norman, RMT!


We are happy to welcome Nathan (Nate) Norman, RMT, to our team of practitioners! He specializes in Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Care and is looking forward to helping clients feel their best.


To learn more about Nathan or to schedule, please visit: https://naturologycentre.com/nathan/.

Welcome Jolène Arseneault, RMT!


We are happy to welcome Jolène Arseneault, RMT, to our team of practitioners! She specializes in Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Care and is looking forward to helping clients feel their best.

Jolene Massage Therapy RMT

To learn more about Jolène or to schedule, please visit: https://naturologycentre.com/jolene/.


Manual Therapy for Patients Following a Car Accident

A motor vehicle accident (MVA) is a traumatic occurrence that affects both the mind and the body. Most persons who are involved in an MVA recover within 2-3 weeks; nevertheless, it is not uncommon for many people to experience chronic or reoccurring discomfort as a result of the event. Though whiplash is the most prevalent injury following an MVA, numerous other symptoms can develop.

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