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MVA Working

Work Rehabilitation Program

Injuries at work can occur suddenly, such as a slip or fall, car accident, or slowly over time with repetitive strain on an area of the body. If you are injured at work, make a claim through your employer, and the Workers Compensation Board. Be sure to see your doctor and make a claim through your employer as soon as possible of becoming aware of your workplace injury. Workplace injuries are a common problem and we offer programs that provide workplace injury rehabilitation and preventative ergonomic advice.

What are the Therapy benefits?

We focus on your active injury with an approach to restoring function and return to work as soon as possible. Whether your workplace injury has occurred from an accident or from overuse, you will find our programs helpful to:

 Relieve Your Pain
 Strengthen & Flexibility
 Improve Your Functional Abilities
 Coordinate Your Return To Work
 Provide Ergonomic Advice
 Provide Workplace Injury Prevention Tips