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Sports Massage Therapy

What is Sports Massage Therapy?

Using specific massage techniques on an athlete improves their preparation for, or recovery from, the physical demands of training or competition.

Massage for Sports

  • Specific pre-event, inter-event, post-event and restorative/training massage techniques are used.
  • On-site delivery at an event, host, or team health care location is available. (We provide everything!)
  • Sports massage therapy provided by Naturology Centre's registered massage therapists will benefit local teams, sports clubs, and individual athletes.

We Assist Organizations & Athletes

Sports Massage

  • Our select therapists can treat athletes at all levels, from grassroots to Olympic and professional.
  • Specializing in pre-event, inter-event, post-event, and restorative/training massage.
  • Skillfully applied sports massage can improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, and aid athletes in mental preparation.

Sports Massage Phases

Each phase has its own set of rules regarding timing, duration, benefits, expected outcomes, and techniques. The skillful and appropriate application can mean the difference between qualifying and not qualifying, winning or losing, or setting a personal best.
Pre-Event: We help prepare you for the event! Massage is used near the start of the competition.
Inter-Event: We assist you in calming down and preparing for the next event. The massage is beneficial in between your scheduled events.
Post-Event: We assist you in relaxing and recovering following the competition. It is a valuable part of the cool-down process.
Restorative/Training: We assist you in training more intensely and at a higher level. Massage is incorporated into an athlete's training regimen.