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Shervin Thai RMT

Shervin Sharifi, RMT - Harmonizing Traditional Techniques and Modern Therapies for Ultimate Relaxation

With a passion for holistic wellness and an extensive array of massage modalities, Shervin Sharifi brings a refreshing and invigorating approach to massage therapy at Naturology Centre. Certified in a diverse blend of techniques, Shervin's practice is rooted in the belief that therapeutic touch can profoundly enhance one's quality of life.

Whether it's the deep, soothing warmth of a Hot Bamboo massage, the muscle-lengthening benefits of Lana Advanced Stretching, the therapeutic vibrations of Tok-Sen, the smooth comfort of Hot Stones, or the targeted relief of Sports Massage, Shervin's treatments are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

Thai Massage Certified

Areas of Specialization

Shervin Sharifi's therapeutic practice encompasses a vast range of specialized massage therapies, each aimed at providing relief, rehabilitation, and relaxation to our clients.

  • Hot Stones Massage: The strategic placement of hot stones releases tension, soothes aches, and increases circulation.
  • Hot Bamboo Massage: Utilizing warm bamboo sticks to knead and relax muscles offers a unique, comforting experience.
  • Lana Advanced Stretching: A technique that combines passive stretching and gentle pressure to enhance flexibility and movement.
  • Tok-Sen Ancient Therapy: A traditional Thai method that employs wooden instruments to create vibrations and deep pressure, promoting healing and relaxation.

Similar to our other therapists, Servin also offers:

  • Swedish Massage: A classic therapy that reduces muscle tension and enhances relaxation.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: Targeting the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, addressing chronic aches and pain.
  • Myofascial Release: A soft tissue therapy for treating skeletal muscle immobility and pain.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: A technique that involves applying pressure to tender muscle tissue to relieve pain and dysfunction in other parts of the body.
  • Pregnancy Massage: Specially tailored for expecting mothers, it helps to alleviate backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, and edema.
  • Sports Massage: Tailored to athletes, focusing on areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often aggressive movements.

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Therapist Qualifications

College of Massage Therapists of New Brunswick (CMTNB)
Association of New Brunswick Massage Therapists Inc. (ANBMT)

Popular Conditions Treated

  • Hyper Kyphosis: Addressing the excessive curvature of the spine through targeted massage to correct posture and relieve discomfort.
  • Hyper Lordosis: Focusing on the lower back alleviates the exaggerated inward curve and associated pain.
  • Overuse Injuries: Applying therapeutic massage to aid in the recovery of muscles worn by repetitive use.
  • Sports Injuries: Care for sprains and strains to facilitate healing and return to sport.
  • Patellofemoral Syndrome: Easing knee pain caused by issues between the patella and the femur through specialized techniques.
  • Tension Headaches: Offering relief from stress-induced headaches through massage focusing on the neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Piriformis Syndrome (Pseudo Sciatica): Alleviating buttock pain and addressing the muscular cause of sciatic nerve compression.

It's important to note that each individual's treatment plan will vary based on their needs and symptoms.

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