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Kristen was first introduced to Yoga in 2014 while finishing her final year at Riverview High School. She instantly fell in love with the practice of meditation, and her passion for movement was quick to follow. In 2017 she earned a Diploma in Health, Wellness and Recreation with distinction from Eastern College. By 2021 Kristen has become certified in Personal Training, Nutrition, Habits Coaching and Yoga instruction. Kristen studied for her 200-hour CYT under Lead Instructor Melissa Moore E-RYT 200 and graduated in May 2021. Simultaneously, she completed ISSA's Certified Yoga - Vinyasa Flow Specialist, earning her certification in October 2021.

She is passionate about helping others find the balance between work and play, through improving connection to the inner child. She is an advocate for a pain-free range of motion and longevity and is eager to help others find mobility and stability to support them in their journey. Wherever she roams, her path presents opportunities for growth in her world.
Once living with chronic joint pain, anxiety, and depression, she now uses her yoga practice to make time for mental health while improving her joints' pain-free range of motion and stability. Throughout Kristen's personal practice, she has found the most improvements in her mood, stress, pain, sleep quality, gratitude and overall better quality of life.

Her motto is "look at you grow!". She enjoys creating space for you to flow and recharge. Her focus as a teacher is to support her students as they learn to balance and process the energies within their body, mind and spirit.


Certified Yoga Teacher at Naturology Centre Moncton Since 2022

Areas of Specialization
Stress and Tension, Mindfulness, Meditation, Breath-work, Balance, Movement, Flexibility, and Strength

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Therapist Qualifications

ISSA Certified Yoga Instructor
ISSA Certified Nutritionist
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

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