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Aaron is originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, and has been involved in physical fitness since 1996. He obtained his personal training certification in 2005 (Can-Fit-Pro) and his certification as a nutritionist in 2007 (ISSA). As a former paramedic, he was forced out of his career with an injury. He has undergone successful surgery and rehabilitated himself fully. He dedicates his life to helping people achieve a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Struggling with weight as a youth, Aaron uses his experience to specialize in working with young persons (age 13 and up) and adults needing help with weight management. He also enjoys helping clients to regain mobility lost from injuries, muscular disease, etc.

He has dedicated his life to giving back to people and the community. He volunteers as a peer counsellor to EMS personnel suffering from PTSD and children battling eating disorders. In his free time, Aaron enjoys exercising himself and spending time with his family, friends and his dog, Preston.


Personal Training Specialist (PTS)

Personal Training Specialist at Naturology Centre Moncton Since 01/2023

Areas of Specialization
Injury Rehab, Mobility, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Weight Management

Therapist Qualifications

Canfit Pro
ISSA Nutritionist
Atlantic Paramedic Academy